‘Songlines’- an experiment with Charcoal and Afro at The Other Art Fair

As part of the event I devised at The Other Art Fair  the lovely and talented Isabel Adomakoh Young sang ‘Cry Me A River’ with charcoal sticks clipped within her fabulous hair.  The visual trace she created echoed her expressive singing. Definitely an experiment worth developing!  

Polly Bagnall at The Other Art Fair

I was asked to do a performance for The Other Art Fair this April 26th and 27th 2013. I have devised an interactive drawing event ‘Traffic’. My starting point was a wish to track and record the ordinary passage of people across a walkway in the main hall. In common with much of my work […]

Painting with spatulas, ashtrays and whisks

Working from my studio at home I find myself jumping between housework and artwork. The never ending domestic tasks become the start of new creative possibilities. Here are some experiments using spatulas, ashtrays and whisks amongst other things!