lemon squash small

Lemon Squash 2014

Mixed media (lemon squash, orange juice, blackcurrant juice, raspberry juice and acrylic) on linen

50 x50cm

COLOURSWATCH at Espacio Gallery, East London was an exhibition curated by South London Women Artist’s. Selected participants were each given a colour swatch to respond to. My colour was a pale yellow named ‘Lemon Squash’. I often use domestic materials in my painting practice, so for ‘Lemon Squash’ I used real lemon squash for my painting medium and tried to capture the essence of something getting squashed.  I use my body in a ‘performative’ way- the movement of the body is evident in the painting and brings in a raw, less processed, energy. For ‘Lemon Squash’ I chose to use pom-poms attached to a deeley-bopper to provide the ‘squash’ gesture.

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