Fabelist exhibition ‘CONNECT’ 21st – 25th November 2013 // Private View 21st November 6pm-9pm A-Side B-Side Gallery, London

A Fluxus Inspired Transatlantic Exchange   Between Polly Bagnall (UK)and Melissa Staiger (USA) To ‘Connect’ with, a person, a moment, an idea. This is the concept behind my body of work, which I call Field Recording. Focusing on an Experience, and the minute events within it I have used graphic and non-traditional mark-making in an […]

a dumb supper for Samhain

I was asked to submit paintings for a Halloween ritual to celebrate Samhain, a pagan festival that coincides with the start of winter. Using edible materials and my tongue as a painting implement I made the following four paintings. They are painted on linen, but made with saffron, beetroot, sweet potato, wine, blackberry, elderflower and […]

Experimental workshop at Langbourne Primary, London.

In June I led a series of experimental art workshops for the Year 6’s (11 year olds) at my local Primary School, Langbourne Primary in Southwark, London. Again I am playing with the creative overlap between everyday actions and materials and invited the children to experiment using gloves, hats, pan scourers etc. to create their […]

Field Recordings- Polly and the Professor go to the Outer Hebrides

The Hebrides Suite polly bagnall 2013 CD image In July I made a Midsummer’s whistlestop tour of the Outer Hebrides: London – Oban – South Uist – Noth Uist – Berneray – Harris – Lewis – Ullapool – Home I was taking visual recordings whilst Professor Cathy Lane was completing a series of sound recordings for […]

Slugs, skipping ropes and washing lines

    Experimenting with snail traces….   In my continuing investigation into the remarkable visual properties of  everyday activities I have been re-viewing  domestic tasks etc. As I have described  my interest in compost heaps and washing lines I find I am not alone. Do feel free to post your own images.  I would love […]

London Group Open, tongues and spatulas

I was pleased to have  a painting selected for this year’s Centenary Open at the London Group. It is one of a series of paintings on linen made since completing my MA in September last year. I use bodily or domestic processes to create them- scratching, licking, scrubbing and whisking paint and edible pigments across […]

‘Songlines’- an experiment with Charcoal and Afro at The Other Art Fair

As part of the event I devised at The Other Art Fair  the lovely and talented Isabel Adomakoh Young sang ‘Cry Me A River’ with charcoal sticks clipped within her fabulous hair.  The visual trace she created echoed her expressive singing. Definitely an experiment worth developing!