Fabelist exhibition ‘CONNECT’ 21st – 25th November 2013 // Private View 21st November 6pm-9pm A-Side B-Side Gallery, London

A Fluxus Inspired Transatlantic Exchange   Between Polly Bagnall (UK)and Melissa Staiger (USA) To ‘Connect’ with, a person, a moment, an idea. This is the concept behind my body of work, which I call Field Recording. Focusing on an Experience, and the minute events within it I have used graphic and non-traditional mark-making in an […]

Studies in Synaesthesia

These small paintings coincided with the Fabelist group’s third project, Synaesthesia. ‘Studies in Synaesthesia’ aptly describes this recent work. As I have written elsewhere when I am looking, hearing or becoming aware of something external to myself I notice a physical response in my body- an inclination to move my shoulders, or bend my knees for […]