Fish and Noodles

2016-03-11 20.35.37

Fish and Noodles

White Conduit Projects 11.3.16

A performative painting to commemorate 5 years since the Japanese Tsunami.

Devised by Polly Bagnall and performed by Polly and Mizuki Tsuge.


The sound of thunder 

chopsticks stop stirring noodles 

dinner interrupted

by Johanna Gilmour


Two scrolls with haikus written with chopsticks and noodles and squid.


The full moon hangs still

over a deep green-blue sea

feet run in all ways 

                                       by Polly Bagnall

Rice paddy green grass

waves like hair in the spring breeze 

fish fall from the sky

                                       by Polly Bagnall

noodles scroll


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