Fish and Noodles

Fish and Noodles White Conduit Projects 11.3.16 A performative painting to commemorate 5 years since the Japanese Tsunami. Devised by Polly Bagnall and performed by Polly and Mizuki Tsuge.   The sound of thunder  chopsticks stop stirring noodles  dinner interrupted by Johanna Gilmour   Two scrolls with haikus written with chopsticks and noodles and squid.   […]

Painting with spatulas, ashtrays and whisks

Working from my studio at home I find myself jumping between housework and artwork. The never ending domestic tasks become the start of new creative possibilities. Here are some experiments using spatulas, ashtrays and whisks amongst other things!

The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns. Barbican Art gallery 14th February – 8th June 2013 Mise en scène by Philippe Parreno

Starting on Valentine’s Day, The Bride and the Bachelors is the ultimate love affair for contemporary artists. Marcel Duchamp taught us to think differently about art. Duchamp, master of the ready-made, gave the western art world the possibility that ‘art’ need not be so distinct from ‘life’. Some of his found objects are on display […]

Peckham Space 2012

Peckham Space 2012  Polly Bagnall (painter) and Ricky Edwards (musician) Both artist and musician respond to each other and the ambient environment. We translate the sensory elements we are aware of- sound, light, buses, movement in the room etc into musical notes and visual marks. A spontaneous improvisation takes place in the genre of free jazz […]