Fish and Noodles

Fish and Noodles White Conduit Projects 11.3.16 A performative painting to commemorate 5 years since the Japanese Tsunami. Devised by Polly Bagnall and performed by Polly and Mizuki Tsuge.   The sound of thunder  chopsticks stop stirring noodles  dinner interrupted by Johanna Gilmour   Two scrolls with haikus written with chopsticks and noodles and squid.   […]


Lemon Squash 2014 Mixed media (lemon squash, orange juice, blackcurrant juice, raspberry juice and acrylic) on linen 50 x50cm COLOURSWATCH at Espacio Gallery, East London was an exhibition curated by South London Women Artist’s. Selected participants were each given a colour swatch to respond to. My colour was a pale yellow named ‘Lemon Squash’. I often use […]

Painting with spatulas, ashtrays and whisks

Working from my studio at home I find myself jumping between housework and artwork. The never ending domestic tasks become the start of new creative possibilities. Here are some experiments using spatulas, ashtrays and whisks amongst other things!

Bela Kolarova at Raven Row, Spitalfields, 31st January – 7th April 2013

The aspect of Bela Kolarova’s’s work that struck me as soon as I entered the gallery space was the strong aesthetic that runs through her work. Her natural sense of composition is evident in her series of small black and white photographs from the late 1950’s, ‘Children’s Games’. The scale of these prints is similar […]