polly bagnall

As an artist I use movement to bring a raw less processed energy into my paintings. I have spent the last two years developing techniques to restrict my conscious control by using my body to make marks. Sometimes I make and attach appendages to my clothes and body. These restrict me but also have the potential to leave a particular visual trace when I move. I sometimes set myself a list of actions that I have to carry out to create an element of chance. I am curious as to what my body trace can communicate.

The experimental side of my work is in the tradition of the experimental practices of artists of the 1970’s. I make films and performances, but I keep coming back to the painting.

I am looking at contemporary artists with similar interests- the body as a medium for accessing and communicating psychological states; the actual and physical over the intellectual and academic; the less conscious, chance or commonplace; the political aspects of a woman’s body.

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